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MEET Apple

Let's Meet Apple kids! Most people think I am ONLY a Cartoon BUT, yes there is a BUT, I am a real Dog. A real Goldendoodle. 

And there is more... The EXCITING thing is...My stories are true!

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Meet Apple Up-close & Personal

picture of apple the golden doodle as a puppy

This is me as a Young Pup...

I was born in Georgia. 

MY Dad was a Standard Poodle


My Mom was a Golden Retriever!

I traveled all the way from Georgia to sunny California to find my New family. 

Little More About Apple...

As a Young Pup, ALL MY Brothers & Sisters did the Neurological Stimulation Program.

picture of apple the golden doodle laying on pillows with a shirt on

Chilling and Relaxing on the couch. My favorite spot!

 Meet Apple around the HOLIDAYS

picture of apple the golden doodle at christmas time

My favorite time of the year - Christmas! Furthermore, I loved taking the light bulbs of the tree and running with them...lol

picture of apple the golden doodle wearing easter bunny ears

Doing my three favorite things: I am riding in the car; wearing my favorite hat; and I am going to see the Easter Bunny! 

picture of apple the golden doodle at a pumpkin patch

Look at my naughty face. I am at the Pumpkin Patch being hyper running around and picking out a pumpkin for Halloween! 

picture of apple the golden doodle and Liam at unwrapping presents

My favorite part of Christmas - Of course, I love helping Liam opening up Christmas Gifts.  

picture of Thanksgiving dinner

Yummy Thanksgiving Dinner! You know what I am thinking right now, don't you? 


picture of a goldendoodle in the forest

I am the King of the Forest! At Yosemite National Park.

picture of apple the golden doodle standing on some rocks

Getting my exercise in for the day, mountain climbing, at Yosemite Lake! 

picture of a golden doodle in the forest watching Liam

While hiking at the Grand Canyon, I am spying on Liam to make sure he is safe. 

picture of yosemite lake of a goldendoodle swimming

At Yosemite Lake! When I saw the water, my inner-dog went crazy. I am a goldendoodle after all. I love swimming and running around scaring some people...lol 

picture of a goldendoodle posing at the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon Master.

Showing off my modeling...

picture of yosemite lake of a goldendoodle walking in the water

Liam and I hiking at Yosemite National Park right before my inner-dog came alive when I noticed I could swim in the lake.

If I am Bad, 
I'm only a Dog!

-Apple the Golden Doodle™


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